Support and FAQs

Below are answers to frequently asked questions. If you have a technical question or issue with the site, please email

What if I forgot my password?

Go to the “Sign In” page and you can immediately have it resent to you.

How do I set up and register a team?

You need to be signed in to create a team. Go to the event page and you will see a section called "Teams." Above the list of teams is an orange button that says "Create Team." Click this button and fill in the required information.

You can only create or join one team per event. To be removed from a team, contact

How do I join a team?

Go to the global events page and click "Join the Event". Then go to the event page and click the team you wish to join and click "Join Team".

Can I join more than one team for a event?

No. You can only create or join one team per event.

How do I remove myself from a team?

Email and ask to be removed. Include the event name and the team you wish to leave. If you want to join a different team, you can do that after tech support removes you from the previous team. For reasons of security, tech support cannot add your name to a team.

Can I reprint my bib or event image?

To print (or reprint) your event image or race bib, simply visit the event and click the large "Print Event Image" button.

This will generate a PDF document of your event image you can save to your device, or print out at any time.

Can I donate more after signing up for a global event?
After signing up for an event, you are welcome to make additional donations to the Power of 5 Campaign by clicking here.
How do I know how much my team has raised for a global event?
Multiply the number of team members by the $10 event fee.